Food is taking over YouTube!

Food is taking over YouTube!
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I am addicted to food videos! It is midnight and I am marathoning through food videos. Some are teaching me to cook. Others are of individuals travelling through countries trying a selection of dishes. Whilst some are just good old challenge videos. In this post I shall share some Channels with you that are very entertaining, especially if you enjoy food!

But first we feast! Sorry, there is no feast, but the Channel is called First we feast. Check out the series Hot Ones, where celebrities are invited on to eat a number of hot wings with the presenter Sean Evans. You will find many recognisable faces on this series. These is something deviously glorious about seeing celebrities squirm in pain.


I have not cooked since I left university, but I wish I had discovered these channels then. I could have been a master chef! It always starts of with a single video, then another one, then another one, suddenly its 4am! Food is addictive and so are cooking videos. I never get hungry but there is something satisfying about learning how to cook, without actually cooking. These are the two cooking Channels that I watch on a regular basis.

Are you a fan of cooking, dry humour, and weird speech indentations. I have the perfect channel for you! Food Wishes! So many entertaining that are also informative. A Chef without character is no chef at all. This chef has all the character and all the skills. Perfect!


The second Channel has some long videos, similar to a TV cooking show without cuts and edits. The brothers are able to cook and entertain simultaneously for 40+ minutes. From this channel I have learnt about Kombucha and other weird concoctions that I will try for myself one day.


The last person I am going to recommend I envy a lot. He travels Asia to try different food. The channel is called The Food Ranger. The food ranger is a very likeable Canadian man (is there a unlikeable Canadian person?) who tries different food and usefully gives it a rating. Check him out!