Get uncomfortable: My first job

Get uncomfortable: My first job
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Today, at work, my colleague was showing this quote to everyone in the office. At first I did not pay attention to it, but during lunch I thought about it. This quote perfectly describes my experience after University.

After graduating I was in limbo. I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. This led to me doing the worst thing I could have done. Doing nothing. For eight months of my life I basically did nothing. Indecisiveness is the killer of progress, but I realised that way later than I should have. I half heartedly applied for jobs. Thought of business ideas, then came up with excuses for not following through with them. I was wasting valuable time.

Until something made me uncomfortable. My bank sent a letter as my account had become dormant. Dormant with an overdraft close to £2000. Yup. That’s not even the worst part. My mum opened this letter and stormed to my room demanding an explanation. I was screwed! This is the worst situation I had ever been in.

During this period I imagined myself at the bottom of a well and this letter was someone taking away the rope. I felt helpless, but this did not last long. The best analogy to describe what happened next is a dog being backed into a corner. I lashed out!

I knew I had to take action now or things will get even worse. At this point I had decided I wanted a job to get out this debt. To have an income to support my ventures. The fear of rejection was no longer troubling as I had much bigger problems. Things were in perspective, because something made me uncomfortable.

I applied for every job possible. From a cleaner to a receptionist, anything that would make me money. I applied for dozens of jobs and got as many rejections.

Finally, I got invited to an open day at a massive wealth management company. I got rejected, which is another story, but this is when my fortunes turned. In a slump, from the rejection, I opened my mail and there was an invitation to an interview for the next day! I prepared and went in for two interviews at the same company and got the job.

I learnt two valuable lessons from this experience. The first being, to take action. Inaction is the worst thing you can do. Be decisive! Look at the bigger picture! Imagine where you want to be in ten years and take action to get there. Inaction led to me being depressed and feeling inadequate. Truly, for balance in life you need to keep moving forward. It may not want to be the thing you want to do, but you need to try to realise that, and its better than doing nothing.

The second lesson was to appreciate being uncomfortable. God knows what I would be doing if that letter had not ended up in my mothers hands. I probably would still be jobless and even more distraught. I was comfortable at home. I had shelter and food everyday. This letter changed everything for me. I am thankful that my mum opened this letter. Though it nearly made me sick and my mum extremely worried, it was worth it in the end.

So get out there, get uncomfortable and take action!