I Grew Up With The Internet: Goodbye Sourcefed!

I Grew Up With The Internet: Goodbye Sourcefed!
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It seems like it was only yesterday that Philip Defranco announced that he was launching a new channel called Sourcefed. It was 2011 and I had just started Sixth Form (High School). I remember thinking Joe Bereta was the coolest guy in the world, Elliott Morgan was exceptionally clever, and Lee Newton was hilarious and beautiful (or as my teenage brain put it, “she’s hot!”). That is not to say Elliott and Joe were not beautiful, but I digress.

Sourcefed was such a great distraction for me during this stressful period of A-Levels. I used to come back home and always have a selection of Sourcefed videos to choose from. Some serious but most of them were funny. The one I clicked on without fail was comment commentary. This was by far the best thing on the channel till table talk. This is where the personalities of the hosts came out! The chemistry that Lee, Joe, and Eliott had was amazing to watch. Just watch this and try not to laugh.

“Okay, now hold on… one, who stole my twizzler straw?! Was it you, haircut?” The best comedians create imagery in the audiences mind and all three o f them do it perfectly on this episode. I remember having a late night Sourcefed marathon a few months ago and this had me in tears! I am sure I will watch it back in a few years time and I will be in the same state.I can go on about this dynamic trio till the cows come home (I don’t know why I said that) but that would make for a very long blog post. Perhaps a holy book is in order…

“I’ve gotten some pretty bad paper-cuts in my day.” Painful stuff! Steve did not care what anyone thought about him. He did whatever he wanted and put himself out there. Later, he showed William Haynes the light too, which he followed. This is what made him one of my favourite presenters. I still want to be like Steve, with his balls to wall (what is wrong with me today) attitude. He made me laugh without even trying. Steve is the person who would say and do anything to make people laugh. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Santa Steve was so unexpected, which made it hilarious. This perfectly embodies Steve’s sense of humour. Another video that shows Steve’s sense of humour is this:

JONATHAN GAY! Such a hilariously childish moment that had me in stitches. We have been told not to laugh at these jokes but you can’t help it. Steve is the child within us that wants to laugh at every inappropriate moment. I am jealous that he can as it must be so freeing. On a side note, I hope Lee did get Joe those turd socks. Steve you have made me laugh hundreds of times and I wish you continue to make people laugh for the rest of your life.

I was not a massive viewer of SourcefedNerd but I did watch the Game of Thrones TVSHOWSHOW. For a game of thrones fan this was the best. Episodes left you hungry for more and this show filled that void. It was like sitting with your friends and discussing the show and things being pointed out that you may have missed. Though it was scary when Trisha was on (she’s a… bookreader!)

There came a point when I stopped watching SOurcefed. Your Youtube subscriptions evolve over time and Sourcefed was one thing that I stopped watching, whilst starting to watch other things. It is weird to feel emotional over a channel coming to an end but it makes sense. You see these people daily and get to know them but know they won’t be in your lives like they used to be.

I am glad I was a YouTube nerd at that young age, otherwise I would not have discovered all these amazing people who made me laugh. There are some people you see but never meet, yet you still want them to be successful. This is how I feel about all the people on Sourcefed. Every single host has been talented in their own unique way and I appreciate Sourcefed for giving them a platform to share their quirks. Thank you to Phil to creating this whole thing and thank you to all the hosts that provided quality content for many years. Wishing you all the best on all your future endeavours!

I will leave you with a few more of my favourite Sourcefed videos. Enjoy!

and best till last…