Investing in myself rather than on myself

Investing in myself rather than on myself
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I bought my first online course today! It was $37 and there was no resistance from within on the idea of buying it. This course is about growing confident in everything you do – having true confidence. It is made by a person who I have mentioned previously on this blog, Charlie Houpert. A few months ago I would have not spent $10 on a online course or even a book about self improvement. I would have happily spent it on something materialistic, like a new cologne.

This is where my mindset has changed over the last few months. I am beginning to invest in myself rather than on myself. So what is the difference between the two? Investing on yourself is something short lived, something that does not offer a long term value. Let’s say I went out and bought a new cologne for $40 and I love it. I wear it and I get lots of compliments, which makes me feel great. What happens when the scent wears off? No more compliments. The compliments you got were for something on you, not something within you.

For a long time I did not care for developing what was within me. I only cared about how I looked, how I sounded, how i smelt, etc. So I would buy things that would improve these things, such as expensive hair styling products. I looked great on the outside (I do say so myself) but on the inside I was the same shy person I have always been. I was trying to portray a message of being confident and comfortable by controlling my exterior, but I had not control on what really matter, my interior.

I did not try to develop on skills to make me confident. Or even find ways to be more confident. Things that really left an impression on people you meet. To be fair I thought people were just born with it and it was not a skill that was just picked up. Then I discovered Charisma on Command, which changed my whole attitude on the subject. As mentioned on the previous post I got addicted to these videos and I learnt a lot. I wanted to take the next step, but I did not want to spend in excess of $500.

So imagine my delight when I got an email from Charlie (email list) informing me that they were offering a course on confidence for only $37! Quickly I got on my laptop and purchased this course. The rest of the day I was excited, even though I had a terrible day at work. I got home and started the video course and I have to say it has been worth ever dollar. Can’t wait to learn and develop with this course.

Check out Charisma on Command here: