Travelling: Prague – Visit the real Disney World!

Travelling: Prague – Visit the real Disney World!
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I had sat my last University exam and I was a few weeks away from graduating. I was in the afterglow period of not having the stress of exams but still having my friends around me to go and have fun. I had a lot of fun during this period. My friends and I went out all the time. My girlfriend had booked us a holiday to Prague near the end of this period. It was the perfect way to wrap up my university experience. I would bring it to an end doing something (travelling) with someone I love. University is all about new experiences and this was going to be a new experience. We arrived during the night to our hotel so we just crashed and had a good nights sleep. Our hotel was pretty far from the city centre, but the tram stopped right outside our hotel. We got two tickets that allowed travel for three days. These tickets never got checked! We did not need these tickets! I guess it was safer to get them. Although the first day we decided to walk to the city centre. We went a little off rout and did not discover much so we turned right back.

We heard some people speaking English so we followed them. We knew we had made the correct choice when we saw this structure. How gothic is that?! The pointy tops, dark colouring, and cloudy backdrop. This is the Powder Tower – it is one of the original city gates and it looks it! If vampires did exist they would call this place home. On the way to the city centre I also admired the side streets. Some of them were approaching vertical! It was like we were in inception. Besides that, the street had this old school feel to them because of the cobblestones.

The different coloured buildings also made for great photographs. As you can tell there is a lot to see in Prague. All of this is taken before approaching any main attractions. When we were approaching the square and the sun was shining down, it really did feel like we were walking into Disney World!

There is so much colour and character in this single photograph. The building that is spotlighted by the sun is the Old Town Hall. The astronomical clock is mounted on the southern wall of this building, and you will see a crowd gather around it every hour. Again, this building looks fit for a vampire. We sat in the square and took it all in. The beautiful architecture, horses trotting along, people laughing and taking photographs. Suddenly, it began to rain! We took shelter under some trees near the square with everyone else. The rain stopped after a few minutes and I took this photo.

Quite some change from the previous photograph and this was not more than an hours difference. The building dominating the background of this photograph is the Church of Our Lady before Týn. The monument in the forefront is the Jan Hus Memorial. For some reason this really reminded me of Harry Potter, as did most of Prague, but this stuck out. The church could have been Hogwarts and the monument could have been the monument in the Ministry of Magic when Voldemort rose to power. Of course Jan Hus was not an evil wizard, I am purely basing this on visuals. We stayed in the square for the rest of the day, then called it a day.

The next day we had decided on seeing Charles bridge and exploring the other side. The bridge was packed. On the sides were artists drawing people. Behind them were tall dominating statues. The middle was full of people crossing the bridge and taking photographs.

Now it felt like we were entering King’s landing! This place was very busy. We had no idea where we were going so we just followed the crowd. The crowd was moving upwards so we followed. This is where we discovered a shop in the wall that sold basic perfumes made out of single ingredients. Was not expecting that. It really felt like we were in game of thrones.

After smelling every single fragrance in this small shop we carried on climbing.

We got to this vantage point where everyone was taking photos and for good reason! This view was spectacular. We stayed here for a while just taking it all in. Then we carried on climbing to the top. We got here at the right time as there was a ceremony going on for the changing of the guards.

The next we did not do much, we did not do much. We searched for the Statue of Franz Kafka and that took way longer than it should have. Much of our time this day was spent in old town square and in a department store we had located. Department stores are amazing! They have free toilets and you can spray yourself with perfumes. We also ate at McDonald’s, where my girlfriend got a wrap with a burger in it. Quite strange – she did not like.

During dinner, a lovely group of women bought us drinks. We had drinks with our food as well so we were tipsy. After dinner we found an awesome bar playing some classic rock music! We sat and drank for a while. Now we were pretty drunk! As we were having so much fun we lost track of time and missed the last tram. Stupidly, I suggested walking it back to our hotel, which we tried for a while but got lost. Luckily we found a taxi stand and were driven back to our hotel.

We spent our last full day in Prague rowing on the river. It took us a while to get used to rowing, but soon we were having fun as I splashed my girlfriend with water. I highly recommend rowing in the river as it is fun and relaxing. In the evening we wanted to drag out our experience so we stayed in old town square till it was dark. So many people gather in that spot during that time. There was a guy near us doing his homework. A group of friends playing music, which led to the song Taxi getting stuck in my head. We got drinks and just took it all in for one last time. Until the next day when we popped in the centre for a few hours as our plane was in the late afternoon.

There is so much to see in Prague and we did not get around to viewing it all. We shall be back to see the things we missed!