Watch these videos if you want to learn about investing

Watch these videos if you want to learn about investing
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Investing was not even on my radar until a few weeks ago. In all my life I never thought I would be interested in investing. I thought you needed to have hundreds of thousands in the bank for it to even be worth it. I was listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast and his guest was Tony Robbins. They were discussing investing because Robbins had a new book coming out on the subject. I also listened to another podcast of Tim’s with MoneyMoustache, who is all about investing. This sparked an interest within me.

I had no prior knowledge of investing – none at all. I turned to YouTube to help me learn and I was not disappointed. The first video taught me a lot about building a business and partly about investing.

This is a must watch if you have no prior knowledge of investing or just need to freshen your understanding of the subject. Now that you have a basic understanding of how investing works you should learn about how you can invest. The following two videos will be very useful.

Hopefully now you have a grasp of investing and the stock market. Great! But this does not mean you should start investing. You need to do more research. This means reading as well as watching.

I would recommend watching most of the videos on this channel as well as the other channel. These people have been investing in stocks for years so they have developed a good understanding. Learn from them then invest! Good luck!

A bonus video!

Unbelievable energy in that room! They discuss investing too! Enjoy!