Why I wake up early

Why I wake up early
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I have never been a morning person. From a young age I hated going to bed and I hated waking up. For many years I fell asleep in the early morning – 2am-4am and woke up around 12pm. Failing asleep at a normal time was an alien concept to me. Forcing myself to sleep at a reasonable time did not work either. My body just rejected the whole thing. My body was set into a rhythm and did not want to change.

Now I wake up at 6am everyday except for Wednesday and Friday, without fail. So what has changed? I have got a job. I have to be in work for 9.30, yet I always wake up at 6. Why is this? This is because I do not want to spend more time at work than I have to myself.

A normal work day is 8 hours, which is such a long time. I wake up at 6, so that is 3 and a half hours to myself. I finish at 5.30 and fall asleep around 11, which means 5 and a half hours to myself. This comes to a total of 9 hours to myself.

This is what motivates me to get up every morning. I see time as a balancing scale which should always be skewed towards more free time rather than work time. In this free time I can do whatever I want to do.

This is my life, therefore, this is my time and I want to use it as wisely as possible.